Navy Yard To Serve as Home Port For Expanded Ferry Service


Navy Yard To Serve as Home Port For Expanded Ferry Service


More exciting details have emerged in the Mayor’s plan to increase city-wide ferry service, and the plans directly impact residents of Wallabout. According to a report published by the New York Times, the Mayor is making a historic investment, totaling over $325 million, in an aggressive expansion of the current ferry service. As a part of the plan, the City will be both purchasing new ferries as well as boosting the number of ferry routes in an effort to better connect all five boroughs. We have previously written about the possibility of a ferry stop coming to Wallabout, but based on the piece coming from the times it seems that The Navy Yard will at the very least serve as a home port for the entire fleet. The pier in the photo below is the pier that the city is targeting for the home porting, and it is in major need of repair. The repairs will take an estimated 2 years to complete and is due to be finished sometime in 2018.

Currently, we still do not know if this means that the Navy Yard will receive an actual ferry terminal for commuters, but it seems that with the emphasis the city is placing on renovating the Navy Pier, this announcement may be a more realistic dream for Wallabout residents and workers at the Navy Yard.

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