Wegmans Site Clearing Begins


Wegmans Site Clearing Begins

After months of anticipation, site construction has begun in the Brooklyn Navy Yard for the home of New York’s first Wegmans. Currently the site is being cleared of trees and old debris, including most of the Admiral’s Row naval officers’ housing that has been vacant since the 1970s. These have for the most part yet to have been torn down and can be seen in the distance in some of the photos below:

Trees have been removed and the land has been cleared

Above is a panoramic picture of the Wegmans site clearing with the Brooklyn Distillery on the lot next door.

View across the construction site at one of the Admiral’s Row houses that will also be torn down

Logging truck leaving the site

Wegmans will be hiring up to 600 employees for their new store, which is scheduled for completion in 2018. Check back in for more updates as site construction progresses! 

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